Hi everyone!

Welcome, welcome! We have decided to take the show on the road…. well more like off the road and into nature. Our goal this summer is to hike and explore a large amount of trails statewide. So there will be many videos, photos, live video, and definately funny and memorable moments. If you are visiting from our main blog, welcome back! However if you are new, here is a brief introduction on us Wisco Girls.


Full-time Digital Marketing student and working a part-time job. Prefers at home workouts over going to the gym. Recently cut out soda from the diet and looking forward to graduating this Fall!


Part-time student and worker, but full-time mama. Big business plans in the future and has finally started using that gym membership BUT looks like it may take a backseat now that the summer months have finally arrived.


Full-time special education teacher who graduated last May from UW-Madison, so this is her first “big girl” job. Best part is that it is her old elementary school! Also joined the gym, but this girl loves being outdoors and looking forward to getting back to her athletic lifestyle.

We look forward to sharing our outdoor adventures with you!

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