Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin which means it was finally time to hit the trails and enjoy the nice weather while getting my workout in.  The first trail of the season was at Devil’s Lake State Park.  I have hiked this trail many times before and it just doesn’t get old.  Below are the pictures that I took while on the hike.


Love seeing all green for my daily FitBit report!


The hike took me about 2 hours with stopping to take pictures.  I was moving at a fairly quick pace and am definitely feeling it in my legs the next morning.  I will definitely be investing in some hiking shoes before I take on the next trail, as there are many slippery spots that regular tennis shoes just cannot grip onto well.  I almost wiped out plenty of times.

I can’t wait to get out and discover some more new trails this summer and fall, and hopefully will find some new favorite hiking spots!

Have you hiked this trail before?  Let me know down below! Until the next adventure, lovelies.