Hello dearies,

Earlier this month, I took a vacation with my family down to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Greatest trip I have taken in a while! Not only was the condo we rented right on the beach but the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, we went over the 4thof July and most people would be like ‘why did you do that? It is so hot at that time.’ First off, were you present for any of Wisconsin’s spring weather? It was Mother Nature’s version of whiplash. One day, beautiful and sunny and warm, the next, BAM….. snow. So no, I did not find it hot. It was glorious!

The place we rented was actually owned by a fellow Wisconsinite which I thought was pretty cool. Island Royale, room 406. If we had a problem, the owner contacted the managing staff or maintenance staff right away and always kept in contact until the issue was resolved. The condo was a great size and the view was also AMAZING! Not to mention, they had an indoor/outdoor pool which my daughter took full advantage of.

As far as activities, we mostly just relaxed right on the beach or poolside. There were banana boat rides, parasailing, and plenty of other activities. But my favorite one is people watching. Nothing can beat that. When we were not relaxing, we went out to eat a few times. First place was The Shrimp Basket. My dad and I both tried the banana colada that they had for a special that night. So yummy!!!! Both times, the food we ordered was great! So any shrimp or burgers are yummy! The second place we dined was called the Sunliner Diner. Literally right across the street from Shrimp Basket (we don’t venture that far haha). It was good, the service was friendly but my favorite part of the whole meal was the dessert! 

Aside from the day life there, at night it is so peaceful, even more relaxing than the day. There were a lot of people out walking on the beach with flashlights or fishing but just hearing the waves crash against the shore and being able to look up at the sky and see the stars… it is a moment of total peace. Nothing can bother you and all the tension just leaves your body. I would spend every night out on the beach, sitting on the lounge chairs that were placed there for the people of the building to use during the day, and just stay there for hours. And if I was not on the beach, I was on the porch, staring out over the beach. I did fall asleep a few times on the porch but my daughter would come and wake me up before she went to bed. 

I would go back in a heartbeat and I am already thinking about making that trip last for two weeks instead of one. But then I would have less time available to take trips with my awesome friends so I will have to settle for just one week of beach paradise.

Until next time lovelies!